Commends the efforts of the U.S. public and advocacy groups to raise awareness about and help end the worsening humanitarian crisis and genocide in Darfur.

Purpose: This resolution supports:

  • The efforts of the various local schools, communities, and faith-based, human rights, humanitarian, and youth-led advocacy organizations that have dedicated their time and energy to help end the Darfur genocide, and
  • The efforts of the United States to work with its partners in the international community to support a negotiated settlement to the Darfur conflict while implementing a more robust set of multilateral measures against those individuals who act as obstructionists to peace in Darfur

Status: Approved by the House 366-0 on October 29, 2007

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  • Pedro Rabaçal

    Indonesian cunts didn’t care with East Timor genocide, why why would they care with Darfur´s genocide?
    Probably they consider darfuris a “bunch of niggers”.

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