Thank you, activists, for your help in crafting over 45,000 postcards to show your support for the people of Sudan being targeted by Omar al-Bashir.

Yesterday afternoon, I delivered 45,000 postcards from activists across the country to the United States Special Envoy to Sudan, Ambassador Princeton Lyman, at the State Department. Thanks to activists like you, tens of thousands of Americans took action to urge the United States to help stop the atrocities being committed by Sudan’s President Bashir.

Along with your postcards of support, I was joined by several high-level representatives of the faith community, the student director of STAND, and a member of the Sudanese Diaspora from the Nuba Mountains. These partners expressed their continued concern about the situation unfolding in Sudan.

UEG President Tom Andrews (right) meets the Sudan Envoy, Ambassador Princeton Lyman, to deliver postcards signed by activists from across the country.

This action comes at a critical time. Today marks the six month anniversary of the beginning of Bashir’s attacks on civilians in South Kordofan. Untold numbers have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. There are reports from over the weekend that the Sudanese Armed Forces may have launched an attack using long-range missiles. In recent weeks, Sudan even bombed areas in South Sudan, an act of war targeting the refugee camps that are now home to those displaced by previous attacks. Despite the increasing violence and mounting atrocities, the U.S. Government has failed to take robust action.

Thanks to you, the tens of thousands of postcards that I delivered today sent a clear message: Americans care about the people of Sudan and words are not enough to stop Bashir’s campaign of violence. From Maine to California, I’ve met committed activists who care deeply about ending Bashir’s atrocities. But, we must continue to pressure our leaders to ensure that words translate into action. We look forward to your continued support. And, if you haven’t already signed the postcard, please sign and share the opportunity with your friends and family.

  • judy delany

    Thank you everyone at United to End Genocide for your time, effort and soul.

  • Anita Fortes

    Great work! Thank you for the follow up. Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this pressing story? Can a committed journalist be found to keep this in the forefront of the print and television media? NBC should be on top of this with Richard Engle or someone like him!

  • Anna Marie Swoffer

    How can my students and I spread the word by purchasing the shirts worn in the thank-you video?

  • Cynthia Anne Thompson

    I am sheltered, belly full from hot porage this morning: I do NOT live in the SUDAN. No, our neighbors of the world might be slaughtered any day or night. Those children are NOT SAFE nor FED.
    Noone on the face of our EARTH needs to suffer atrosities such as these. Bashir’s reign of terror
    must stop. Another Darfur is repeating itself. Please send a strong message to this current hunchman Bashir; to fulfill the Sudanese people PEACE. Crimes against Humanity will be the life
    sentence from where you must have originated Bashir!!! Stop your killing, NOW!!!!!!

  • Dave Mattozzi

    Let us all pray for an end to genocide in the world.

    • SandY Johnson

      Amen! And thanks for your continued commitment.

  • fares mahjoub

    Gret work .Thank you United to end genocide, Bashir must stop.

  • Mahamat Ousman

    As a citizen of Southern Kordofan, I am telling you, we need your help to stop the killing. We also need humanitarian help for the displaced and the refugees. Thank you for everything.

  • http://google ahmed

    I like your programme

  • http://google ahmed

    iam happy

  • Candi Ingleton

    Thank you for your time and dedication in the fight to end genocide. I appreciate the video showing the preparation and delivery of the postcards of support.

  • Mohammed

    Thanks every one for contributing to End Genocide in Sudan.
    with our unity wil put more pressure and we will success.

  • Peter Kuku

    Thanks for your remarkable efforts you have done on behalf of the helpless communities of south kordufan, Blue Nile, Darfour, Abye God will indeed rewards those who help and rescuing the needy.

  • Carl Kremer

    THANK YOU UEG staff and volunteers! We do so little in comparison with your efforts day to day. Thank you a million times for taking up the cause of those who cannot fight for themselves!

  • Ted

    Bashir must pay!

  • Maureen H

    I’m very thankful for everyone’s commitment and encouraged that we all are making a difference. As a person of African descent, I am appalled and incensed by Bashir’s actions and as a Christian, I am confident that through works and prayer his devious acts will end. I am dedicated to making my voice be heard and my actions to speak louder than words!

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